The power of dance

Kids love having fun and learning to dance in good classes that encourage participation without fear of judgement. It’s about improving self-expression, resilience, self-esteem, creativity and imagination. These are skills deemed as crucial in the workforce, particularly after COVID-19.

So what is the real power of dance?

The real power of dance comes from the ability to release tensions and hidden anxieties and helps the shy, as well as the hyper active child. Scientifically, we know that dance exercise releases endorphins that make us feel happier and more relaxed as well as energised and fulfilled. When kids are bombarded with academic pressures, the joy of dance can often become a refuge. Most children naturally enjoy performing, whether it’s in front of their parents in the living room, a formal dance studio or in primary school. We just thank goodness the power of dance has been acknowledged and now forms part of the Australian arts curriculum in primary schools. Here’s to giving children the time and place to express and further explore their imaginations, move freely as they discover their bodies and improve overall health and fitness while having fun at the same time!

It’s about improving self-expression, resilience, self-esteem, creativity and imagination.


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