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Yes. Dance Cart takes a number of measures during classes to ensure the safety of its staff and the students they teach.

Dance Cart teaches what we call FUN Dance. It is not necessarily one style but rather a cross section of styles and techniques designed to get the most out of each student group we work with.

Yes. Our online program is our newest and most exciting innovation. It combines curriculum based dance content with cool moves to create an awesome program for both teachers and students.

The online program offers a full library of teacher resources. This  includes lesson plans, curriculum links, criteria sheets, reflection questions and extension activities.

Teachers will be fully supported for the duration of the online program. 2 x1 hour PD sessions are offered to the teachers – one at the beginning of the program and the second at a time of the schools choosing. These PD sessions will focus on how to safely implement the dance program and the effective use of the teacher resources.

Dance Cart avoids partner dancing, particularly for older year levels as we feel that removing the embarrassment that many children feel about dancing with a partner allows students to focus on the dance and maximizes enjoyment of the lessons.

Our Performance Program is taught by teachers registered with QCT and provides a criteria sheet which is closely aligned with the Australian Curriculum for each student participating. Our other dance programs are based on the curriculum and provide teachers with a range of resources to assist them in making judgements about student achievement in dance.

Dance Cart provides all equipment necessary to run the dance program. All the school needs to provide is an area that is large enough to safely accommodate the number of participating students and of course the students themselves!

Yes. The cost of the Performance Program includes items of costuming for each participating student. A note will be sent home during the term advising what the students can wear to go with it. This is usually as simple as a black T-shirt and black pants/shorts. Dance Cart provides the rest. Dance Cart also provides backdrops and props for the performance.

Yes. The final performance is often used as a fundraising event for the P&F. Tickets can be sold and many schools also have a sausage sizzle or drinks, chips and other confectionery available for sale.

Absolutely.Yes. Dance Cart has a program designed exactly for this. We select a song which represent their year and teach them a fantastic dance to perform at their graduation ceremony. It is a great way for them to finish their primary school years with something really memorable.

Absolutely. Dance Cart loves working with students with special needs and watching the enjoyment and sense of achievement that can be achieved through dance.

Sports uniform is ideal for Dance Cart classes. If the girls wear short skirts, a pair of bike pants or shorts is a good idea for underneath the skirt. Closed in footwear such as school shoes is required at all times both in class and during concerts.

Students can bring a water bottle and their hat if they are dancing somewhere outside. There is nothing else they will need to bring to class.

No. Dance Cart is about starting students on their dance journey. Students with previous dance experience will be challenged and students with little or no dance experience will be nurtured and encouraged to explore the world of movement.

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