3 Ways to implement the Dance Curriculum into your school

3 Ways to implement the Dance Curriculum into your school

 Whether you are a Principal, HOC or teacher tasked with the implementation of the Dance Curriculum in your school, it can be difficult to know where to start.  Here we break down three options to get your students off to a great start in their Dance Education.



Within your school, you are likely to have a range of talented staff with a variety of experiences. If you have a teacher with a background in Dance or the Performing Arts, you may have the perfect person who may jump at the opportunity to branch out into a new path of their teaching career to become the dance teacher in your school.  Alternatively you may wish for all your teachers to implement Dance in each class across the cohort or band as they do with other subjects. Either way they are likely to need some professional development opportunities, curriculum support or dance resources to get started. Dance Cart can help with Professional Development opportunities for teachers, games and activities for dance classes, along with a library of classroom resources which is continually being added to. Our board registered dance teachers are here to help upskill your staff and build quality dance education into your school.


 Another option is to have your teachers facilitate pre-prepared, curriculum-aligned lessons which are available online at the click of a button. This low cost format allows teachers to be involved in the lesson without having to plan the unit, activities and tasks.  Using pre-prepared lessons in this way can give confidence to teachers for whom dance is out of their comfort zone. They still however know their students and are able to assess their competency against the appropriate assessment rubrics. If this sounds like a fit for your school… Check out Dance Cart’s Online Foundations Program here.



The other option of course is to outsource both delivery and assessment of the dance curriculum to board registered experts. There is a dollar cost to this option, but the benefits often outweigh the cost when community building opportunities are considered. When outsourcing your dance curriculum to specialists you are not only assured of it having been delivered and assessed by highly trained dance specialists, but you are also receiving a ready-made student performance to invite parents and carers to. These performances are run by the specialists themselves and depending on the type of program purchased, come with costuming included. If your school is able to outsource your dance program, then the investment is rewarded with community engagement as well. 


If you want the experts to do the heavy lifting, then find out more about our Dance Cart flagship programs here. We hope this helps you get started in delivering quality dance education in your school. Whichever option you choose we are here to help however we can as we want your students to have a blast as they get creative, broaden their experiences and develop new ways to express themselves through dance.  


 Have fun dancing!



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