Kids dance classes

Getting kids dance classes right

It’s not easy creating kids dance classes in Brisbane when studio space is in high demand, the competition is fierce and we have children of our own. That’s why we have built a team of amazing talent to design and deliver kids dance classes in north Brisbane every Saturday during school term.

Top tips to get kids dance classes right

  • Have a great space that represents the essence of your classes.

For us, we pride ourselves on being ‘all inclusive’ so it was important to find a venue that was relaxed and set within the community. Everybody feels welcome and there’s no strict rules of entry or engagement.

  • Qualified teachers who genuinely care

We absolutely know the power of dance and feel privileged that parents trust us to deliver rewarding classes for their kids. So it’s important to employ highly qualified teachers who have great experience and genuinely care about teaching children dance.  Our Dance Cart Kids teacher is Miss Kate. Read her profile and meet the entire team here.

  • Age appropriate

Age is a huge factor in kids dance classes. It is important to offer dance classes to kids of a similar age so they feel part of a community. It’s equally important to teach appropriately for their age. The younger ones often struggle with listening and responding, may throw the odd temper tantrum or get easily distracted. 

So we run three dance classes every Saturday with set age brackets.

  • Content is king!

Content of the dance class is so important because to retain the attention of students, the dance teacher must be engaging and the content be exciting and challenging, but not too hard that children would lose interest. We make sure to utilise the latest pop music that children are interested in and also theme songs from favourite kids movies.

  • Be safe

While last on this list, it’s very high on our management list because the safety of your child comes first. We have great natural light, a wooden floor and before class the team ensures there are no trip hazards or spills that could cause injury to anyone. We have fans for hot days as the building is not air conditioned and the teachers allow regular water breaks to keep the children hydrated.

Are you already a member of our Dance Cart Kids? We’d love you to share your story and favourite experiences with us.

If you’re not already dancing with us, please reach out and we can organise an obligation free trial class on a Saturday that’s convenient to you.


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