Traits of a child who will love dance classes

Traits of a child who will love dance classes

Dance lessons can help your child with self-esteem and help improve social skills. They can also provide an outlet for endless energy and also connect children creatively with movement. But what are the traits of a child who will love dance classes? Here are just a few of the traits that come top of mind.

Cannot sit still

Do you have a young child who cannot sit or stand still? Dance may be something they would absolutely enjoy because it allows them to burn off the energy and learn some great steps.  This doesn’t mean children who are less active won’t love dance – you can never make that assumption. We just find children who have always been more energetic and not able to sit still really gain from attending dance classes.

They wiggle, jiggle and sway to songs

When you turn on some music that has a good rhythm, does your child start to move to the beat? Even as toddlers, a child that loves to dance would absolutely be wiggling, jiggling and swaying to music. So often you see really young children nodding their heads and tapping their feet or clapping hands. As they get a bit older, you may find them looking at themselves in a mirror to see what their cool moves look like. That’s a child who would benefit from dance classes.

Watching others

Most kids get inspired to dance when they see others, especially children of a similar age. They are in awe and often try to mimic the moves. More often than not, a child that loves to dance would happily sit and watch others dancing whether it’s on the streets, in the park or even on TV. The younger the child the less time they may spend watching because attention spans are naturally shorter.

They love wearing tutus

How many small children have you seen sporting a tutu with wellington boots and jumping or grooving through the local park or shopping centre? If this sounds like your child, there’s a good chance they would love coming along to a kids dance class.

Next step, finding the right dance classes

Next step is talking to your child and asking if they would like to attend a little class and have fun dancing with others their age. If they say yes, the fun begins and it’s time to start looking around for a dance class or school that’s right for your child. We can help with some top tips on that too. Take a look at our blog titled “Finding the right dance class for kids”.


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