Dance class for kids

Finding the right dance class for kids

Choosing a dance class or school for your child can be overwhelming. There are literally hundreds of studios and classes all over the country.  Some will focus on dancing for fun, fitness or social while others are preparing young children for dancing as a career, teaching stage presence and poise.

First and foremost, know your child and what they would enjoy right now – and ask them. You want to make sure you’re not forcing them to join a more structured and formal dance studio if they are only interested in having fun and socialising with others right now.

Next, look at the dance schools and classes within your geographic location, or within a comfortable driving distance. Does the dance school’s focus suit what your child needs right now?  Some dance schools have multiple forms of dance, busy schedules of classes, competitions and performances. The expectation is usually that students would participate in every facet. Other schools have a more relaxed approach and focus on enjoyment, fitness and dance as creative expression and learning physical movement.

Remember, the needs and expectations of you and your child will vary depending on their age and it also changes as they grow.  We recommend starting out with a fun class from a young age that teaches the principles of dance in an engaging way. As they begin to learn, see if they are highly motivated to continue with classes. They may enjoy one style over others and choose to focus on that.

The environment of the dance school is important. There are extremely competitive environments that run the risk of comparing children rather than celebrating their individuality and ability.

With young children, the focus should be on enjoying the lessons. Do they look forward to their next dance class? Are they smiling and happy in class? Are they continually learning? If so, then the school is most likely meeting the needs of your child for now – remember keep monitoring it because your child will grow and change in their habits and interests.

Who are the teachers?

Crucial to choosing the right dance class or school is the quality of teachers. Some dance schools use their senior students to teach classes, particularly for young children. Look to see if the teachers are qualified, good communicators and really positive, nurturing and encouraging. If you’re looking at dance schools with assessments, what are their procedures? You just want to make sure that the staff encourage and promote emotional well-being, physical health and provide a balanced approach to teaching.

What about the dance environment?

It is really important for your child to be safe while dancing. There is a ‘safe dance practice’ that schools must adhere to and also work health, safety and first aid obligations. The class setting should be a safe physical environment with no trip hazards, good natural light and air flow. Air conditioning is not essential.  The floor should be non-slip – concrete is certainly not safe for repetitive activity.

What is your family schedule?

Family life can be hectic, so make sure the dance class times suit your schedule.

Common questions for dance schools

Here’s our top questions for parents to ask or at least consider when making the decision about a dance class or school for their child.

  • How are the fees structured?
  • What’s the missed class policy?
  • Is the school covered by public liability insurance and are the teachers covered by professional indemnity insurance?
  • What is the vision and values of the dance school?
  • Do teachers participate in professional development activities?
  • Is there an injury policy?
  • What are the uniform requirements?
  • Can parents and friends observe classes?
  • Does the school conduct exams, competitions and performances?

Phew.. you made it. Now go forth and find the ultimate dance class for your child. If you think it could be Dance Cart Kids, we’d love to offer you a free trial.

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