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Online School Dance Program eBook

Everything you need to know about our Online School Dance Program.

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Laying the Foundations

The online dance journey begins by laying a solid foundation. 

We introduce students to the elements of dance as required for each year level and then extend and consolidate the learning through games, activities and contemporary dance sequences to keep your students engaged.

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Taking it to the Stage

This is our incredibly fun performance program.

Now familiar with the foundation elements, Students are challenged to put these into practice as they create and learn a dance to perform for an audience.

online school dance program
In Production

Power of Dance

This program explores the cultural and social impact of dance.

Students will engage with dancers from different cultures including Indigenous and Torres Strait Island, Asia and further afield while they explore the question of Why people dance.

In Production

Healthy Body Healthy Mind

We complete the online dance journey with a mix of yoga, meditation and mindfulness activities designed to calm students minds and equip them with useful strategies to assist in building resilience.

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