OSHC Dance Programs

Brisbane OSHC Dance Programs

Dance Cart offers exceptional OSHC Dance Programs in the greater Brisbane area. The focus is on participation, fitness, coordination, motor skills, musicality and most importantly FUN!

We hand-craft our OSHC Dance Programs to suit your school or centre and make sure boys and girls engage in the high energy activity and go home raving about the experience.

Dance Cart incursions encourage every child to “have a go” and are theme based. The programs can be designed to work towards a final performance that we present with the children complete with costumes (optional choice for students). You will also have the chance to film the final performance because nothing beats the smiles in the faces of children as they watch themselves in action.


OSHC Dance Program


Per student
Per session *min $350 per session.

Movers & groovers wanted...

Try one of our Dance Cart programs today, join the fun and watch your child shine.


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