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Mindfulness in dance

There’s a practice called dancing mindfulness, we call it mindfulness in dance. It is an expressive arts experience that was originally developed as a community class.  But what is it really? Good question, please allow me to explain…

What is dancing mindfulness?

Dancing mindfulness is a channel for accessing mindful awareness that can be practiced individually or with a group, in the confines of a dance studio, the school environment or even at home. It honours the powerful invitation to ‘come as you are.’  During the learning, kids are able to realise the rhythmic qualities of their breathing and heartbeats, discover lyrical properties in even the most simple movements and quite literally, express their own personal story through dance.

It’s all about creating a deepened connection to oneself and your creativity. So when you hear people say ‘dance like no one is watching’ that’s dancing mindfulness. Some people joke about it, but clinical professionals know its true power in children. It not only helps to relieve stress, it allows children to get in touch with their own bodies and rhythms.

Now that sounds like a lot of “woo woo” I hear you say. Perhaps, but there’s power in it without question.

dance like no one is watching


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