Primary School Dance Programs

Bringing the very best dancers into your school to teach the dance curriculum.

Is there immense pressure on your teachers to deliver a subject they know nothing about?

Struggling to find dance specialists that can deliver dance in your school?

Need assistance creating a dance for a school fete, graduation or other special event? 

Dance Cart can help

We deliver primary school dance programs both face to face and online in your school. Whether you are looking for something to supercharge your current dance program or starting a dance program from scratch, Dance Cart have a program designed for you. 

We have delivered our in-schools dance program for over 13 years now, actively engaging more than 10,000 students in dance.

Teachers say it is the best specialist education delivered in their school, many students say it is their favourite class and parents have been impressed by the level of involvement and standard of performance.

Performance Program

Dance Cart’s Performance program is designed, written and delivered by board registered teachers and offers students the opportunity to take part in a full school production.


Assessment components are also included in the program with each participating student receiving a completed criteria sheet, ensuring comprehensive coverage of the schools are provided with suggestions for costumes, props and backdrops to enhance the final performance.  

Performance Program features


Excluding GST
Per student per term

Curriculum Compliant Program

This is our most affordable option, designed for schools who are starting out with us and perhaps on a tight budget. It’s about making sure you can deliver a high quality dance program to your students.


Your students will be engaged in fast-paced, high energy lessons that are taught by our dance professionals dedicated to bringing out the best in children. The focus is on fitness, coordination, motor skills, musicality and fun. All resources to support teachers with assessment is included and each participating year level will learn a complete dance by the end of the term. This could then be used for a school assembly, fete or event

Curriculum Compliant Program


Excluding GST
Per student per term

In-School Dance Program

Everything you need to know about our In-School Dance Programs.

New to Dance Cart?

Why not book a chat and we can answer any questions you may have and even offer a 30-minute free-trial class to get your school kids dancing.

Graduation and special events
Need help with a one off dance occasion?

Maybe you want to send your Year 6 students off in style or need to prepare your class for a special performance. Dance Cart is here to help. Our Graduation and Special Events program is fully tailored to meet the needs of individual groups.


Let us take the pressure off and make your event enjoyable for everyone.

Helping kids move and groove since 2007


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