Dance Cart Education

Dance Cart provides teachers with a way of getting children out of their chairs and engaged in meaningful and heightened learning experiences whilst physically exerting themselves and having heaps of fun.

We have a number of programs that can be tailored to meet the needs of individual schools.  Through both our Performance Program and our Dance Cause you Can program, we can ensure that the dance needs of all schools are being met.

From the beginning of the high energy warm up to the last beat of the cool down, students will be challenging themselves on a number of levels and loving it.

Performance Program

Dance Carts premium in schools program. Each Performance Program is designed, implemented and assesses by teachers registered with the Queensland College of Teachers and is developed to align with the Australian Curriculum.

Our performance program offers students the opportunity to take part in a full school production complete with props, costumes and sets and assists teachers to comprehensively cover the dance strand of the Arts curriculum, complete with criteria sheets for all participating students.

Students who take part in the Performance Program will become creators, designers, producers, performers and choreographers.

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2017 Pricing:
Prices start from as little as $2.00 per student per week for our entry level program.  Call us on 0450 128 048 to get a quote for your school.

Dance Cart in Action

Features of the program

  • 8-10 weeks of lessons and a final performance.
  • Full concert or themed fete performance with script, costumes, choreography and backdrops/props
  • 1 Board Registered teacher for maximum of 35 students.
  • A CD of the performance song for the classroom teacher
  • Attendance of the dance teacher at the concert or fete
  • 1 Board Registered teacher per maximum of 35 students.
  • Final performance may be used by schools as a fundraising event
  • A perfect forum to showcase the talents of the students at the school and to project a professional image to families and the community

Register for a free lesson

Dance Cart would love the opportunity to come to your school and conduct a free trial lesson to showcase our program. The trial lesson works best with 2 lessons, usually one lower year level and one upper year level. Please indicate you interest on the form below